Creative kids photography

Capturing the essence of childhood; love, joy, friendships.

Illustrated children photo, creative kids photography

Creative Kids Photographer Ebba Erikzon captures kids and more with an added quirky touch of illustration or text.

With the birth of her children Ebba started to take pictures of her own and other peoples kids and blogging about her daily life.

This sparked the idea of doing creative kids photography also for other people and after being told by friends and family to do something about her love for all childish things and passion for photography and illustration.
The idea formed of a creating fun pictures with playful kids, inspired by Scandinavian child culture.

This developed into this site Cosmic & Co. Which will be a showcase for images and illustrations, and nice things.

Would you like to have original and customized prints or digital images of your loved ones for yourself or to give away?
Perfect for Christenings- Christmas- birthday- photos you would like to enhance and make into a special memory.

Creative Kids Photography

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